Installing FreeBSD 5.0 to IBM TP 755c

Jon Mercer jon at
Fri Feb 14 16:33:47 GMT 2003

FWIW, IBM (used to) put a dodgy BIOS on thinkpads, and some care needs 
to be exercised in putting FreeBSD on a thinkpad (I found out the hard 
way) The result was a laptop that couldn't boot due to a confusion 
within the BIOS about the status of the MBR. There were a number of 
historical postings on various forums - you might like to google for 
them before writing a MBR!


Tuomas M wrote:

>I got an old IBM ThinkPad 755c and now I'm trying to install FreeBSD 5.0 
>into it, but boot stucks when it is starting sysinstall. In debug screen it 
>tries to load different kind of nic modules, but I don't think that would 
>cause the problem. So, should I add some other options than
>hint.atkbd.0.flags=0x4 (needed for keyboad in old thinpads)? At least 
>according to FreeBSD 3.1 works and I have used NetBSD 
>in it, but now I need gcc 3.2 and FreeBSD 5.0 is only BSD where it exists as 
>Tuomas M
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