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Hi Paul,

Thanks for that. When I tried ./configure with webalizer, it says "png
library not found. Please install png". But, I have installed the full GD
library from (Recommended by webalizer). But, still it throws the
same error.



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> It depends on what you need. Personally, I'd take analog
> ( which will parse pretty much anything very quickly.
> The problem is, the output isn't very pretty, but they reccomend (as do I)
> Report Magic ( to take analog output and make
> look very pretty indeed:
> It's all a tad more complicated than webalizer, but I prefer the output.
> Hope that helps. If you provide some info on why webalizer is failing, we
> might be able to give you some advice on that too.
> --
> Paul Robinson
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> Hi there,
> Which is a good web stats generator works with FreeBSD. I have tried
> Webalizer ( But, they don't have a binary
> distribution set for FreeBSD and the source is giving some errors while
> compiling. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
> Thanks,
> -Abdul

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