Chris Rodgers freebsd-uk at rodgers.org.uk
Wed Feb 12 09:28:36 GMT 2003

Is there any way to do something else when CTRL ALT DEL is pressed, ie. not
disable it completely (see below)... or would I have to change the
appropriate bits in the kernel?


> stick this in your kernel and recompile just remember that if you lose
> root password the only way to reboot is to unplug your machine, which wont
> shut it down safely.
> SC_DISABLE_REBOOT # This option disables the clt-alt-del key.
> cheers
> Paul
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> Is it possible to run a program of my choice when someone presses
> CTRL-ALT-DEL on the console (rather than rebooting)? I dual boot my
> between Win 2000 and FreeBSD. It's annoying when the monitor is on
> and I hit CTRL-ALT-DEL forgetting that it's under FreeBSD at that stage.
> I was hoping to get it to display something like 'Really reboot? [Y/N]'
> maybe ask for a password.
> Yours,
> Chris Rodgers

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