Cambridge pub meet, 2003-03-01

Anthony Naggs amn at
Tue Feb 11 23:11:02 GMT 2003

In message <20030208195042.E1136 at>, Tony Finch
<dot at> wrote
>Since there's a fair overlap between the UK FreeBSD and Apache developer
>crowds, I thought it would be fun to have a joint meet. Since I'm
>organizing it, it's going to be in Cambridge to make travel easy for
>me :-)
>Time: Saturday 1st March, starting 18:00ish
>Place: The County Arms, Castle Hill, Cambridge

No afternoon punting this time.

>This URL should give you a reasonably accurate idea of the location:
>There are parking spaces on the right hand side of the road for those
>coming by car; if you're coming by train and don't have a bike I recommend
>getting a cab because the walk from the station is about 45 minutes.
> is also useful.

About 20 minutes walk from the bus or coach station.

The C1 bus route goes most of the way.  However from the station buses
going north & south both confusingly stop at the same place.

So look for the C1 to Arbury and go to Bridge Street, where the stop is
just south-east of the Cam.  Walking up the hill from here is 5 to 10
minutes.  (If you miss this stop the bus turns right after the river,
along Chesterton Lane/Road and you will have a little further to walk.)
Bus fare should of the order of 1 pound, and up to 6 or 7pm buses should
run approx. every 10 minutes.

>The pub serves food until 21:00. There isn't a non-smoking area, I'm
>afraid, but it's usually reasonably smoke-free.

(I hope I don't have to explain that.)

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