CVSUP, ports tree and an inescapable sinking feeling.

Tom Hukins tom at
Mon Feb 10 14:07:11 GMT 2003

On Mon, Feb 10, 2003 at 11:40:12AM -0000, James wrote:
> > You have to change the tag= for the ports tree if you
> > use a single SUP file for both src and ports.
> In my defence, I don't think it's made clear in either the handbook or the
> CVSup documentation.

This is a FreeBSD-specific issue, so it belongs in FreeBSD's
documentation as opposed to CVSup's.

Appendix A (Using CVSup) of the Handbook contains the following:
  Warning: Be very careful to specify any tag= fields correctly. Some
  tags are valid only for certain collections of files. If you specify
  an incorrect or misspelled tag, CVSup will delete files which you
  probably do not want deleted. In particular, use only tag=. for the
  ports-* collections.

This doesn't discuss other collections, such as doc and www, that only
live in HEAD (like ports), though.  In fact, src is the only
collection where non-HEAD branches are commonly used.

I'll look into rewriting this more clearly.  If you have any
suggestions, let me know.

> Just out of curiosity, who maintains/writes the documentation?

The FreeBSD Documentation Project:


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