Measuring data transferred through an interface?

Peter McGarvey fbsu-x at
Sun Feb 9 18:31:50 GMT 2003

I've been expecting broadband capping for a while now, so the 1GB limit
is no suprise to me.  I've been graphing my connection for the past 6
months.  It's remarkable just how little bandwidth I've actually been

If you're interested I've been using RRD tool, and a nicel little PHP
frontend called cacti:

But, IMHO, the usage cap is nothing but a nice red-herring.  Have a read
of the rest of the revised AUP.

>  ... the ntl Internet and/or Interactive Services are for residential
>  use only and we do not support the use of VPN. If we find you are
>  using VPN via the ntl IP network we may instruct you to stop using it
>  and you must comply with this request. This is in order to prevent
>  problems to ntl (eg network performance) and other Internet users.

The background traffic keeping my VPN up is less than the stoopid
NetBIOS broadcasts badly configured Windose PCs insist on sending.  Yet
somehow I'm casuing performance problems.

I also like this bit.

> You must not connect more than three (3) PC's to the Broadband
> Services at any one time.

I understand the need for capping - after all, the latency has been
creeping up and up.  But telling me what I can and cannot fill my IP
packets with - that sounds like censorship.

* Jonathan Belson <jon at> [2003-02-09 16:44:27 GMT]:
> Hiya
> It seems that NTL are going to be limiting cable users to 1GB a day, which
> got me wondering exactly how many bytes I transfer on a daily basis.
> My cable modem is connected to a server which performs NAT for machines
> connected to it.  Since all my external traffic travels through a single
> interface, is there an easy way to measure how much data travels through
> it?
> --Jon
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