Disk utilities and freeBSD 5.0

Alan Knell ajk at mastigo4.demon.co.uk
Wed Feb 5 18:50:49 GMT 2003

I have problems creating additional disk slices and file systems using 
either sysinstall or disklabel under freeBSD 5.0
- sysinstall's fdisk permits "creation" of a new slice, but then cannot 
write the new mbr.
- disklabel gives a warning that the c partition doesn't include the whole 
slice - it wants the c partition to start at 0, and again cannot write an 
edited disklabel.

sysinstall's fdisk and disklabel work as expected from the "live 
filesystem" CDROM.

sysinstall and disklabel never caused such problems in previous editions.

What is the problem?  Enlightenment please!




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