Hp TC3100 netserver

Jeff LaCoursiere jeff at jeff.net
Tue Feb 4 18:41:17 GMT 2003

Hi All,

Hp provided us with a couple TC3100 servers (P4's I think) with ultra scsi
disks.  Have been using 4.5 on them for some time.  I need to add disk for a
specific task, and the task is simply storage.  I don't care about speed or
redundancy even - just a bunch of temp storage.  I asked for quotes for a
large (say > 100G) IDE drive, thinking a few hundred quid.  I get back a reply
that IDE is not supported in this unit, though there *is* an IDE controller.
Apparently if you try to put a disk on it the BIOS will try to boot the IDE
drive wether there is an OS on it or not.  Failing that it won't even try the

Supposing this is actually true, would it be possible to put boot blocks on
the IDE drive to force it to boot a partition on the SCSI disk?



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