Jeff LaCoursiere jeff at
Tue Feb 4 10:21:17 GMT 2003

Its been fun, but this American is heading back to the US soon (June).  I have
had an amazing two years here, have met some fantastic people who will be my
friends for life, and got to see most of Europe in the bargain.  No

I was extremely fortunate to hook up with T-Mobile and have held a very senior
technical role there, mainly looking after networks and security equipment.  I
have spoken about my exit with my boss, and there is interest in a long
overlap with my replacement, so the search begins now.  I would normally
consider this spamming the list, but given the current job market I think I
could be doing someone a huge favor.  In addition I think the quality of
people reading this list represents the best available...

So looking for the following skills:

* UNIX - at least 8 years experience, diverse flavors desired.  HPUX required.
FreeBSD experience given special notice ;)  I've managed to sneak a few boxes
in here to do various things.
* Networking - at least 8 years experience, cisco cert a big plus.  Experience
with HSRP, redundant LANs, VLAN mgmt, load balancing, and traffic analysis
* Security - at least five years experience, Checkpoint cert, Nokia and PIX
experience desired.  IPSEC VPN design and implementation experience an
absolute must (especially checkpoint based). Should be able to write risk
assessments for design documents.  Should be able to whip up a skeleton
security policy.  Lord knows we need one :)
* General - need to be an expert on Internet protocols and some application
layer design (need to fully understand how DNS, SMTP, POP, HHTP[S], SSL, SSH,
IPSEC, etc. actually work in practice, and be prepared to analyze traffic
dumps of these protocols to determine problem causes).

The role is in the Infrastructure team of T-Mobile International UK, an arm of
Deutsche Telekom that is currently handling all data services for mobile
phones and PDA devices (i.e. we run the portals that allow you to download
ringtones, games, news, etc.).  It is a permanent role - no contractors.  It
is based in Hammersmith just a few minutes from the tube station, right on the
river.  The role interfaces directly with the network staff at operators owned
by DT in almost all of the European countries and has a strong influence on
how DT's "intranet" connecting them all evolves.  There is some amount of
travel involved (once a month or so) to central or eastern Europe, often
Germany.  The pay is superior for the right individual - they can be very
generous and take care of their employees to an amazing extent.  Of course
coming from the US where you are lucky to get 10 days holiday your first year
at a company (regardless of experience!) I am probably easily impressed.

Geesh, after writing all of that I don't know why I am leaving.  If you are
interested in interviewing for this position, which is open immediately,
please let me know.  My apologies if this posting offends you.


Jeff LaCoursiere
Infrastructure Specialist

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