Network name resolution problem

Paul Civati paul at
Tue Dec 30 15:45:14 GMT 2003

Mark Ovens <mark at> wrote:

> Under both OSes both machines can access the 'net with no problem
> and under XP both machines can see each other (i.e. the other machine 
> appears, by hostname, in Explorer).

This will be because they learn each others names by WINS (or whatever
the current communication mechanism is in vogue for XP).  So they're
not picking up the names using DNS.

> Under FreeBSD however, both machines 
> can see each other but I can only use IP addresses to communicate:
> Obviously this is a PITA with dynamic addresses. Is this a config 
> problem with the router (i.e. should it be acting as a name server for 
> the LAN side) or with my FreeBSD configuration? Four hours of searching 
> the 'net has not yielded the answer.

Three solutions.. 1) maintain hosts files on each server; not much of
an issue if you only have a few servers 2) set up YP/NIS on one box;
not too complex 3) run a local DNS server with a private zone; again
not too complex to implement.


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