Please help

Alex Dyas adyas at
Mon Dec 22 10:11:55 GMT 2003

Hi Steve,

At the risk of sounding flippant, read the manual, or, more precisely, 
the handbook:

It is very well written, and has an excellent section on installation :

There is also a section in the FAQ on installation :

which covers dual booting.  If you have any specific problems after 
that, I'm sure people on the list will be happy to help.

Good luck, and more importantly, have fun!


SB wrote:

> Hi there,
>                        I'm new to FreeBSD. I'd like to install it as a 
> dual-boot beside my Win98SE. I'v just got a 6.5gb hard disk. How would I 
> go about installing it please? I'm not sure how to partition a hard 
> disk. If anyone could help, I'd be very greatful.
> Many thanks,
> Steve B.
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