Supported USB web cams?

Andrew Boothman andrew at
Mon Dec 22 01:33:52 GMT 2003

jon at wrote:

> It seems my Logitech Quickcam isn't going to be supported under -STABLE
> any time soon (although several people have tried to port the linux
> driver), so I was wondering if anyone has found a low-cost USB webcam
> that works under -STABLE.
> I last looked into this a year or so ago, so I was hoping the USB
> stack would be a little more webcam friendly.  Anyone found a cam that
> works?  I just want to grab the odd picture off it, I'm not so worried
> about streaming video.

Look into the graphics/vid port. It supports cameras that use the 
Omnivision OV511 and OV511+ chipset.

According to DESC that includes:

   Creative Labs WebCam 3 (*** see note about the OV511+ below ***)
   D-Link DSB-C300
   Puretek PT-6007
   Alpha Vision Koala-Cam
   Lifeview RoboCam
   AverMedia InterCam Elite
   MediaForte MV300
   Trust SpaceCam 300 (*** see note about the OV511+ below ***)

Support for the OV511+ appears to be a little problamatic with some 
apparently not working properly and appearing it strange colours.

When looking into setting up a webcam to capture images to be uploaded 
regularly to a website, I managed to track down a Puretek PT-6007 on which has since worked perfectly.

However, I found that some USB call needed by vid (I forget which) had 
only been implemented in 5.x and not 4.x but that was some time ago and 
the changes may have been MFCed by now.

This should give you somewhere to start anyhow.

Good luck.


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