new speedtouch driver

Mark Blackman mark at
Thu Dec 11 11:43:08 GMT 2003

I ran ADSL on 5 for a while great. In fact, I think it
works better on 5 than on 4 as the USB stack is better generally in 5 
than 4.
However, you do have to pick your version and it needs to be fairly 
as it went through a couple of breakages on 5 during July and October I 

I only dropped ADSL on 5, as I downgraded the ADSL machine to a lower 
spec that
I thought was better suited to run FBSD4.

- Mark

On 11 Dec 2003, at 01:34, Michael Pye wrote:

> Dimitrios wrote:
>> Its a driver for the SpeedTouch USB ADSL modem, and in older versions
>> we had to use pppoa2 which was not threaded, but forked, the newer
>> version supports the PPPoE implementation of fbsd 5.x and is threaded.
> Any feedback from anyone whos used it yet ? I've been contemplating 
> upgrading my 4.x box but held back on the basis that it wasn't clear 
> that the speedtouch driver was supported on 5.x. Now I know it is, any 
> noticible differences ?
> --
> Michael Pye
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