Jeff LaCoursiere jeff at jeff.net
Mon Aug 18 12:44:54 BST 2003

Hi All,

I bet you thought I had left!  Truly I intended to, but its such a great
island that I decided to stay on another year.  I'm here until at least
December.  Once again I am looking to fill a spot on the Infrastructure team
at T-Mobile International (Hammersmith, London).  In this case our Weblogic
expert has abandoned us, and we need to replace him as soon as possible.
Looking for a permanent employee (no contractors) with the following skills:

* FreeBSD admin (does this qualify the message to the list? :)
* HPUX admin
* Weblogic 6/7/8 admin
* Some level of Java programming skills, J2EE big plus
* some level of networking knowledge
* some level of infrastructure experience

Pay level is good, benefits are good, and the team is full of very
experienced individuals.  You cannot help but learn something new on a daily

Please send me CV's!



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