Manchester BSDUG: *Tuesday* 5th August

Peter McGarvey fbsd-x at
Fri Aug 1 12:12:59 BST 2003

* Paul Robinson <paul at> [2003-08-01 11:39:47 BST]:
> As is now fast becoming tradition, Manchester BSD UGs normally result in 
> the start or end of some blazing row over something trivial (Monolithic 
> vs Microkernel, XML vs. CVS, vi vs. emacs, Perl vs. Python) and all 
> sorts of unstructured bordering-on-violence discussion occurs. 

Well, if you are going to have a discussion then it's always best to
discuss something trivial.

> DragonFlyBSD is the new home of the eternal bikeshed. Matthew Dillon's 
> project will either fail, or cause friction within the BSD project to 
> the point that other projects will fail. The ideas he is proposing are 
> neither new, revolutionary, or for the average user interesting. His 
> project will gain momentum from allowing changes that are mostly 
> bikeshed projects.

Well, that's a reasonable motion.  But it's not quite as trivial as it
could be.

> By the way, it's my birthday this weekend, so everybody has to buy me 
> free beer all night, right? :-) Maybe not.

Perhaps this is a better topic for discussion.  Should we, or should we
not, buy you free beer all night.


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