perl and cpan

Ian Morrison ian at
Mon Sep 30 10:01:54 BST 2002

hey gang,

i've been building a web server to run some cgi scripts, and these
scripts need some cpan modules.  i'm using apache and mod_ssl from ports
so that it can all be maintained easily with portsupgrade, but i'm
wondering that as there's some role overlap between cpan and ports,
how should i be dealing with it?  i see there are a few cpan ports, but
the ones i want aren't there.  should i be making a port for each module
and dependency i need or something?

as i'm not a perl bunny, and just wanted a quick fix i did a:

# perl -MCPAN -e shell
# install IPC::Open3
and after some downloading, it started trying to build perl5.8 and
putting it in /usr/local ...  

so i thought, wompus o'lompus, one of those ukbsdpm people could
probably give me a clue! 


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