umount'ing /proc

William Cooper williamcooper at
Sun Sep 29 16:52:02 BST 2002

Hi everyone, hope everyone is well and enjoying themselves,

Was just wondering, would umount'ing /proc and keeping it unmounted
cause any problems with any programs in FreeBSD?

A friend of mine was pretty convinced it would break programs checking
processes, but FreeBSD has proven them wrong! Would anyone be able to
explain what the hell is going on? :)

The main aim of this is to stop users finding a list of processes,
kern.ps_showallprocs=3D0 in /etc/sysctl.conf does a great job for users
who aren=92t so committed to finding a list of processes, but someone on
another FreeBSD list had found a perl script which simply outputted
/proc into a nicely fitted table.

Thanks for your time.


William Cooper

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