Static IP issue.

Abdul Salam K abdul at
Sat Sep 28 16:09:20 BST 2002

Thanks for that. The DNS search order is already there in "resolv.conf". It
would be appreciated if you could tell me what paramter has to supply in
"defaultrounter" variable of rc.conf. Is it the default dns entry Or the
default gateway (Which is the same IP address with last 2 digits as 1, like:

Thanks again,


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> > 80 is opened in the firewall). But, this doesn't seems to be working. Is
> > there anything more I have to set-up. Do I need to specify our dns
server IP
> > anywhere. if yes, where should I enter it.
> Did you add a defaultroute in /etc/rc.conf ? Without that you wont be
> able to talk very far....
> The DNS server entry should go in /etc/resolv.conf  - e.g.
> search
> nameserver
> nameserver
> -bat.
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