Static IP issue.

William Cooper williamcooper at
Sat Sep 28 15:46:47 BST 2002

May sound stupid, But I'm guessing that the apache webserver isn=92t on
the firewall, and its on the machine behide it, if so, have you mapped
the ports so it forwards requests for port 80 to the webserver inside of
your network?


William Cooper

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Subject: Static IP issue.

I have installed and configured freeBSD without much of a hassle. After
installation I issued a static IP address on the system. I added the
follwing line in "rc.conf"=20
ifconfig_rl0=3D"inet netmask 0xffff00"
and commented the line below.
I am able to ping the ip address internally. But, I can't get to the
system from outside the firewall (Which is a seperate machine). This ip
address is mapped to on firewall. I am able to ping this
IP from outside machine (ping Since apache server is
running on the server you=A0should be getting=A0this by clicking this =
link (Port 80 is opened in the firewall). But, this
doesn't seems to be working. Is there anything more I have to set-up. Do
I need to specify our dns server=A0IP anywhere. if yes, where should I
enter it.
Thanks in advance.
-Abdul Salam

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