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Mark Valentine mark at
Wed Sep 25 17:39:09 BST 2002

> From: dmlb at ("Duncan Barclay")
> Date: Wed 25 Sep, 2002
> Subject: Re: ISDN recommendations/help

> Many thanks to all that have replied.
> It looks it's going to be Demon and a serial TA.

I'm happily using an internal USR Courier I-modem with Demon, under
FreeBSD on an old 486 running ppp with NAT.  These things are rock

The I-modem should do bonded ISDN, but I only ever tried it briefly
and couldn't get the link to stay up long, and anyway I keep my second
channel free for voice.

I picked up a couple of spare I-modems on eBay a while back for about
a tenner each; the spare 486 shouldn't cost much more these days...



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