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Paul Civati paul at xciv.org
Wed Sep 25 16:37:22 BST 2002

Lou Kamenov <lou.kamenov at aeye.net> wrote:

> from the research i`ve made 6 months ago, it looks like psql is more
> advanced in some points compared to mysql, however i mysql is lighter
> than psql and faster in some cases, but i think nowdays i`d choose psql.
> It has everything you need, plus the desirable replication service for
> keeping your website/db redundant.

I personally just found PostgreSQL a lot easier to manage, the install
seems simpler, the command line tools make more sense (MySQL seems to
have too many, and it gets confusing) and the ACLs in pgsql are a lot
easier to manage (I always ended up having to use phpMyAdmin when I
wanted to do ACL changes in MySQL), oh and there's a groovy windows GUI
tool for pgsql.  That said, I've not looked at MySQL much for a while.

(All personal views etc, and I've not used either in a big way from
a development perspective).


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