log files rotation

Pete French pete at twisted.org.uk
Wed Sep 25 13:09:35 BST 2002

> What did you use? Postgres with transactions compares quite favourably
> to most alternatives these days.

I conerted the table types in mySQL to BDB, but there were too many
irritations that would need ironing out.I havent llooked into moving
everything to another DB engine entirely because so much other infrastructure
has grown up around it that it would be a huge effort (= too much downtime).

The transactiosn arent *that* important to be honest, it just left a bit of
amess in the DB. I can cope with that on are occasions where the machines
crash (i.e. never so far in 2 years of running) but having it every
evening when the logs rotate was pesky. But thats now fixed thanks to
some cunning advice from this list and a bit of coding with signals.


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