Cisco reconfig!!

Julian Morgan jmorganstarnet at
Tue Sep 24 17:00:53 BST 2002

Sorry general question again, not BSD related..
Please let me know what your thoughts are

Currently some of our infrastructure is at another companies building.
we want to bring it inhouse.  Currently routers over there are giving 100 or 
so vpn clients dialin access via isdn.

Now if we relocate routers and hardware to a new building with new lines - I 
am going to do the following, Q: WILL IT WORK????

before I remove the main router - I am going to telnet/ssh accross to each 
client and change the dial number that the client router dials to get to our 
NEW site - and then reload..

the connect goes down

I relocate router and servers

then ping through - and it should be ok ( because it is expecting the new 
number that I have just configured )

Q: CAN you have it configed - so both routers can be the one to establish 
the connection..  It would be good for admin purposes if I can bring the 
connection up to the client - and it is needed that the client bring up the 
connection to get to the servers at our end..  DOD both ways   ;o)

I believe the clients are on a private IP range - so I would not need to 
change the IP addressing at all..

anyway that is my questions -

P.S I think this message board rocks

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