snmp problem

Paul Civati paul at
Mon Sep 23 17:22:27 BST 2002

=?iso-8859-1?q?Sam=20Pikesley?= <samdavidpikesley at> wrote:

> I installed net-snmp4 at the weekend (some people say I need to get
> out more, but hey...) on my 4.6-STABLE machine. I did the snmpconf
> thing (as described in the excellent Michael Lucas 'Absolute BSD'
> book) and all seemed to be well. However when I tried 'snmpwalk
> <my host> <my community>' it barfed thus:

Are you trying to walk the whole MIB?

Is this all you got back or did it stop at this point?

I would check the net-snmp web site / lists / bug database.

> udp.ipv6UdpTable.ipv6UdpEntry.ipv6UdpLocalAddress.
> '................'.4505.0 = 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0
> Error: OID not increasing:

Have you been able to query other parts of the MIB, maybe it's
just this section which is screwing up.


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