BSD users in central Scotland

Mark Valentine mark at
Sun Sep 22 23:45:01 BST 2002

I'm interested in how many BSD users there are in this part of the
world, and whether there are any existing BSD activities in the area
outside of local "Linux" user groups such as EdLUG.

Is there enough local interest to create an EdBUG or ScotBUG?

Back in '98 we managed to scrape together a whopping five people for
the first UK FreeBSD User's Group meeting in Glasgow, but that included
those who travelled from afar... :-)  Could we do better nowwadays?

I'm willing to gather details of local BSD users and summarise.  If you're
in central Scotland, perhaps you could e-mail me with your location, flavour(s)
of BSD you use, and (broadly) what you use it for.

For example, I'm in Edinburgh and use FreeBSD on my primary server, workstation
and my laptop for everything from hobbie stuff to real work, e.g. software
development and web authoring, and as a reference platform for my company's
development infrastructure products.  I also have an old SPARC which can boot
NetBSD and OpenBSD for playing with (erm, evaluation and education).



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