Updating Exim

Pete French pete at twisted.org.uk
Sun Sep 22 22:35:34 BST 2002

> I have to admit that I've had no such problems with exim 4, the only
> reason I'm not running it on all my servers is due to a slightly more
> complex than average config script which didn't get auto translated :) 

well, thats good to hear anyway!

> Sig 11 is normally due to some form of dodgy hardware, so it may be an
> idea to keep an eye out for any other programs doing similar things.

that was my first thought - but its *just* exim which does it, and the box can
be utterly thrashed witha buildworld fine.

I am woondering if its being called with spurious arguents from
malwrapper actually - sendmail has made some jumps which have added a 
few things in there that exim isnt compatible with (the most notable being
the -Ac thing in the periodic scripts). As I got this at regular
intervals it wasnt the daemon which was dting (or it would not have been
restrated) and thus had to be one of the oeriodic runs. The queue was
empty the whole time, thus in the same state on every ruun - which would
make me thing it would dump every time. So I come to the conclusion it was
one of the periodics which was doing odd things.


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