Updating Exim

Simon Dick simond at irrelevant.org
Sun Sep 22 19:45:05 BST 2002

On Sun, 2002-09-22 at 16:48, Pete French wrote: 
> > There were changes between v3 and v4, there is a conversion tool included
> > in the build but not installed which does some conversion, but it's still
> > a good idea to either start from scratch or carefully check the converted
> > file
> I;ve just been runnign Exim 4 for the last 24 hours and it keeps exiting
> with signal 11 for me (no reason determinable). I;m going to stick with 3
> until it becomes a bit more stable. The 3 stuff is still there in exim-old
> in the latest cvsup of ports.
I have to admit that I've had no such problems with exim 4, the only
reason I'm not running it on all my servers is due to a slightly more
complex than average config script which didn't get auto translated :) 

Sig 11 is normally due to some form of dodgy hardware, so it may be an
idea to keep an eye out for any other programs doing similar things.

Simon Dick					simond at irrelevant.org

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