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Richard Wendland richard at
Fri Sep 20 13:00:06 BST 2002

> I'm just wondering if anyone has recommendations for a hosting company
> with a decent amount of bandwidth for running personal projects with
> PHP, Perl, MySQL.  I've been stung before by hosting companies, so I'm
> looking for recommendations rather than going by their web pages.

If you want a FreeBSD shell account + web, email & DNS hosting in
the UK you should consider the Developer Account.
It offers PHP, MySQL (5 DBs), ModPerl & Perl CGI that you want, and
costs #120+VAT/year for 100MB/day bandwidth hosting one domain, and
250MB of disc space.  It also allows sub-ftp accounts so you can give
others access to sub-directories, which is neat.

I've not used this service, but have read positive reports.  It's a quite
small outfit though, run by someone who has only recently graduated -
but he (Peter Gradwell) is very clueful & Chairman of Nominet's Policy
Advisory Board.

They also have a cheaper PHP & 1 MySQL DB + email hosting account for
#35+VAT/year for 10MB/day, but no Perl. in the US also seem to have a good reputation for FreeBSD
shared hosting.  Their Webmaster account seems to give what you want
and more (eg a shell account) at $30/month for 500MB/day.  They have
cheaper accounts, but without MySQL.

If you need *massive* bandwidth, is the bargain of
the moment - a 400GB/month dedicated server for $99/month + setup fees.
But they give minimal support and have a harsh abuse policy, I hear they
terminate the contract if you give them any problems.  Oh, and it's Linux.

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