Cheap one U servers?

Pete French pete at
Wed Sep 18 12:45:34 BST 2002

> Actually i did, we have a dual athlon xp2200 (with fbsd 5.0)for
> tests its quite fast and compared to the other dual pentium systems

Interesting - is this 1U, or the 4U unit mentioned in another email ?

It also good to seesomeone running current on a dual processor system. I
havent got around totrying it yet myself - whats it like ?

> its performing better, except the heat problem ( This is a huge

Yes, AMD and their heat output is a real pain.

> Exactly. have you tried sticking it in the freezer? *smile* 

*laugh* - Borneo isnt well renown for easy supply of freezers! It
was quite hard to actually get an AMD out their too - none of
the places bothered carrying them as they just wouldnt work in that
climate unless you had air conditioning.


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