Cheap one U servers?

Lou Kamenov lou.kamenov at
Wed Sep 18 12:09:29 BST 2002

In some email I received from Pete French at Wed, Sep 18, 2002 at 11:51:56AM +0100: 
> > Dual Athlon MP2200 will perform better than this, and it`ll be cheaper. 
> Cheaper ? I've not yet seen an off-the-shelf server that has athlons in it.
> I started off playing with the configurator and building the system by
> parts (the whole, select a motherboard, select a processor etc...) and the
> fact that you are buying individual parts invariably came to more than
> buying an off the shelf server as one unit. As the limiting
shelf no, its hard to stick one of these in a small rack box, 
like i said it will overheat.. sadly the athlons are generating so much heat.
But for sure it will be cheaper.. 

> factor here was cost/size (had to be 1U and 1500 quid) rather an
> speed (the only spec was over 500MHz :-) ).
> But if you know of someone who makes Athlon based servers then I'd
> be pelased to hear it. I;m a huge fan of them - processor of choice
> for most applications.[1]

Actually i did, we have a dual athlon xp2200 (with fbsd 5.0)for tests its quite fast and compared to the other dual pentium systems its performing better, except the heat problem ( This is a huge problem i`d say, the box has 5 fans which are trying to keep the heat low... )
but i personally prefer amd.

> -bat.
> [1] Unless you are installing them in warm coutries. I'd never sell
>     a customer in the tropics an Athlon system again. They have enough
>     cooling problems in europe. Out there it lasted 2 months and died.
Exactly. have you tried sticking it in the freezer? *smile* 


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