Cheap one U servers?

Pete French pete at
Wed Sep 18 11:51:56 BST 2002

> Dual Athlon MP2200 will perform better than this, and it`ll be cheaper. 

Cheaper ? I've not yet seen an off-the-shelf server that has athlons in it.

I started off playing with the configurator and building the system by
parts (the whole, select a motherboard, select a processor etc...) and the
fact that you are buying individual parts invariably came to more than
buying an off the shelf server as one unit. As the limiting
factor here was cost/size (had to be 1U and 1500 quid) rather an
speed (the only spec was over 500MHz :-) ).

But if you know of someone who makes Athlon based servers then I'd
be pelased to hear it. I;m a huge fan of them - processor of choice
for most applications.[1]


[1] Unless you are installing them in warm coutries. I'd never sell
    a customer in the tropics an Athlon system again. They have enough
    cooling problems in europe. Out there it lasted 2 months and died.

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