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Paul Robinson paul at
Fri Sep 13 17:20:18 BST 2002

On Sep 12, Pete French <pete at> wrote:

> Theres BSD work on thew Falkland Islands ? Thats would be interesting to do
> for a short while.

I've already done it. ;-) They run Solaris at C&W, with some Netware and 
Windows systems for desktop use. They just needed some training. And indeed, 
it was very, very enjoyable. I don't think they need anybody at the moment 
though - and if they do, I intend to get first dibs. :-P
> the irony of installing UNIX in a place dominated by "penguins" :-)

It's not dominated. I saw lots when I went down to Sealion Island 
(Rockhoppers, Magelanic and Gentoos all live there), and some around 
Stanley, but few anywhere else. It's a very, very, very desolate and 
unspoilt landscape. The rumours that people make up are mostly ignorant 
squaddies who spend all their time at the military base sulking they've been 
posted to the Falklands.

Paul Robinson

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