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>I've been offered some consulting work in Austria, it's about two or
>three weeks work reviewing some IC designs. This is nice and timely
>because I'm going to be made redundant from the perm. job I've had for
>the last 5 years, where we do consulting but usually for much longer
>projects. But, I'm a bit new to the freelance consulting game.
>What I would like to know is what sort of contract would be sufficient
>for this sort of short term, freelance work? The sort of contracts
>I usually deal with take weeks of time for the lawyers to sort out
>with associated costs!
>The work has come directly from the people in Austria, and not via any

I've previously done per project work for (then) local companies, just
with a verbal agreement.  Contracting has normally been set up by a
recruitment agency, with their standard conditions.

If you don't want to mess around with lawyers then I suggest getting the
basics laid out in writing and agreed.  A letter stating the task, the
amount you will be paid (and at what point, i.e. per week/month, or on
completion), who pays your accommodation & transport costs.
(Accommodation & transport should be tax deductible if you are paying
them, so shouldn't hurt much.)

I've been looking for a permie job, but got some contracting work over
the summer that has helped to tide me over.  The accounting paperwork
for this was done by Zul Hirani, who I recommend as being on the ball
for everything I've needed: Zul at

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