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Duncan Barclay dmlb at
Fri Sep 13 09:25:00 BST 2002

This is a bit OT but maybe you guys could help/advise me, as it's
not FreeBSD related but is contracting/consultancy related.

I've been offered some consulting work in Austria, it's about two or
three weeks work reviewing some IC designs. This is nice and timely
because I'm going to be made redundant from the perm. job I've had for
the last 5 years, where we do consulting but usually for much longer
projects. But, I'm a bit new to the freelance consulting game.

What I would like to know is what sort of contract would be sufficient
for this sort of short term, freelance work? The sort of contracts
I usually deal with take weeks of time for the lawyers to sort out
with associated costs!

The work has come directly from the people in Austria, and not via any



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