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Roger McCalman roger at
Thu Sep 12 22:38:19 BST 2002

Just had a mail that may be of interest, if you get anywhere mention my name...

I am seeking a Unix System Administrator for a company in Oxfordshire
ideally FreeBSD however Linux or Solaris would be considered.  As
you have these skills there may be a possibility of you having
suitable work colleagues.
Judy Johnson
Lead Consultant
Monarch Recruitment Ltd
0121 237 3155
jjohnson at

On Thu, Sep 12, 2002 at 04:14:14PM +0100, Paul Robinson wrote:
> On Sep 12, Paul Civati <paul at> wrote:
> > Now that I'm looking for consultancy type work, I wondered what good
> > routes were to finding *BSD type work that might be going?
> Ha ha ha ha! Sorry, but this made me laugh a little. I've been on the job 
> market since last November. There is *nothing* out there. I've done two 
> consultancies (one 3 month in Manchester, one month in Falkland Islands) but 
> apart from that, there has been little.
> The main problem is competition. There is a lot of people out here, and not 
> so many jobs. As a result, prices are coming down, employers are getting ten 
> times as many applicants as they did 2 years ago, and people are coming down 
> in job specs to earn money. Somebody who was a tech director of a 2 
> years ago, is now hacking PHP together to pay the rent. It's a grim 
> situation, and current expectations are that it won't turn around until 
> early 2004. Personally, I'm trying to get onto other projects, still 
> looking, but also expecting to do something completely outside IT for a 
> year, just to get some moolah.
> > Do we have a jobs list?
> We do, but I don't recall getting a mail off it for some time. There aren't 
> many *BSD jobs out there at the moment anyway - the majority seem to be 
> Oracle related.
> Good luck, and if your eventual employers need somebody with experience as 
> well as yourself, and they're in Europe, give me a shout. ;-)
> -- 
> Paul Robinson
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