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Even though this is off topic - is nice to get a round up of
what is going on (hard to rely on the press these days for such 

>> This is why I'm seeking some constructive comments.. and kind of got
>> the feeling there were some people here who were managing to do okay.
>I know people who are surviving, or are keeping hold of their current jobs 
>because they have to. I don't know anybody who is doing "OK" from the point 
>of view of earning decent money (and being paid!), doing a job they enjoy for 
>people they like and with people they like. Only people I could name are all 
>in academia and have been for 10 or more years. Which is why I'm currently 
>trying to get a job in one of the Manchester Universities....

Just a (possibly completely obvious) comment that quality academic based 
jobs (for researchers, teachers and IT people) might be nation specific (for 
those who are thinking of travelling overseas for a position).  E.g., Australia:
every time I have gone back to Australia for a visit - I keep getting told that
things have bottomed out and (logically) must start improving ("J curve"

Same story (again) earlier this year.
People are quitting/retiring from academic/university/institute jobs 
as it is just getting too intolerable - really crappy, slimey(sp?) and 
unrealistic management seems to be the primary complaint.

Can help to get some local reality checking of what to expect (if available) 
in going for overseas positions?


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