ISO7816 Smartcard Support for FreeBSD

Bruce M Simpson bms at
Thu Sep 12 17:09:50 BST 2002


This is just to call your attention to a bunch of ports I've made and
tested over the past few weeks which I've just submitted to support
ISO 7816 Smartcards on FreeBSD.

I would be grateful if ports committers and security people could review
and let me know of any feedback you might have, or problems you find.

Not all of the ports have undergone thorough testing - this is because I'm
still working on a bug in the gprsc driver for my PCMCIA reader. Nevertheless
I thought I should press on and allow other people to benefit from the work.

Over the following weeks I hope to get OpenSC storing keys on Gemplus
GPK4000 series smart cards and working happily with the OpenSSH port. Once
this work has been completed, we can make an informed decision as to
whether or not to incorporate this in base..

The ports are as follows:

These build on and expand from the existing devel/pcsc-lite port.

Ports committers, please see the following PRs:
ports/42694 ports/42695 ports/42696 ports/42697 ports/42698 et al.

Many thanks

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