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Paul Robinson paul at
Thu Sep 12 16:52:50 BST 2002

On Sep 12, Paul Civati <paul at> wrote:

> This is why I'm seeking some constructive comments.. and kind of got
> the feeling there were some people here who were managing to do okay.

I know people who are surviving, or are keeping hold of their current jobs 
because they have to. I don't know anybody who is doing "OK" from the point 
of view of earning decent money (nd being paid!), doing a job they enjoy for 
people they like and with people they like. Only people I could name are all 
in academia and have been for 10 or more years. Which is why I'm currently 
trying to get a job in one of the Manchester Universities....
> From a personal perspective I'm looking at doing small short term
> jobs.  There IS work out there, colleague of mine recently did a weeks
> worth of #800/day work (admittedly they haven't coughed up yet!).

I did some of that, and they paid. Gives a buffer, but there isn't that much 
of that kind of work unless you know a lot of contacts. Unfortunately.
> Maybe it's the systems/admins area that is more saturated, my colleague's
> brother has just started a largish java development project, with another
> possible one after that.

Operations is a rough sea at the moment to try and be out on, and 
development is relatively strong. Mostly Oracle, Java and DSP that seems to 
be around at the moment. Tricky stuff to get into.
> Always a thought, that is if you have those other ideas of what you'd
> like to do..

Buthcer, Baker, Candle-stick maker.... :-)

I'm looking at other projects with contacts I have in the US, am 
semi-involved in a venture starting up in China and am hoping to start up a 
new operation in the next few months of my own. For now, I'm happy to go out 
and get some barwork, if for no other reason I might get myself a new 
girlfriend. :-)
> I'm not really looking to go permie again any time soon.

Well, Good Luck with whatever you end up doing.

Paul Robinson

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