Jobs and work

Paul Civati paul at
Thu Sep 12 16:43:36 BST 2002

Paul Robinson <paul at> wrote:

> Ha ha ha ha! Sorry, but this made me laugh a little. I've been on the
> job market since last November. There is *nothing* out there.

Yeah, well, I'm well aware of the current climate.

This is why I'm seeking some constructive comments.. and kind of got
the feeling there were some people here who were managing to do okay.

> The main problem is competition. There is a lot of people out here,
> and not so many jobs. As a result, prices are coming down, employers are
> getting ten times as many applicants as they did 2 years ago, and people
> are coming down  in job specs to earn money.

>From a personal perspective I'm looking at doing small short term
jobs.  There IS work out there, colleague of mine recently did a weeks
worth of #800/day work (admittedly they haven't coughed up yet!).

> Somebody who was a tech director of a 2  years ago, is now
> hacking PHP together to pay the rent.

Maybe it's the systems/admins area that is more saturated, my colleague's
brother has just started a largish java development project, with another
possible one after that.

> looking, but also expecting to do something completely outside IT for a 
> year, just to get some moolah.

Always a thought, that is if you have those other ideas of what you'd
like to do..

> Good luck, and if your eventual employers need somebody with experience
> as well as yourself, and they're in Europe, give me a shout. ;-)

I'm not really looking to go permie again any time soon.


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