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Paul Robinson paul at
Thu Sep 12 16:14:14 BST 2002

On Sep 12, Paul Civati <paul at> wrote:

> Now that I'm looking for consultancy type work, I wondered what good
> routes were to finding *BSD type work that might be going?

Ha ha ha ha! Sorry, but this made me laugh a little. I've been on the job 
market since last November. There is *nothing* out there. I've done two 
consultancies (one 3 month in Manchester, one month in Falkland Islands) but 
apart from that, there has been little.

The main problem is competition. There is a lot of people out here, and not 
so many jobs. As a result, prices are coming down, employers are getting ten 
times as many applicants as they did 2 years ago, and people are coming down 
in job specs to earn money. Somebody who was a tech director of a 2 
years ago, is now hacking PHP together to pay the rent. It's a grim 
situation, and current expectations are that it won't turn around until 
early 2004. Personally, I'm trying to get onto other projects, still 
looking, but also expecting to do something completely outside IT for a 
year, just to get some moolah.
> Do we have a jobs list?

We do, but I don't recall getting a mail off it for some time. There aren't 
many *BSD jobs out there at the moment anyway - the majority seem to be 
Oracle related.
Good luck, and if your eventual employers need somebody with experience as 
well as yourself, and they're in Europe, give me a shout. ;-)

Paul Robinson

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