VMWare 2 or 3 - licensing problems

Dave david.gallagher at blueyonder.co.uk
Wed Sep 11 23:44:50 BST 2002

I was having a bit of a mess around with VMWare on FreeBSD 4.6 tonight.

I installed vmware2 from ports but can't get it to "see" the license.  I'm
guessing that the 30 day trial license from VMWare has changed in format
since vmware2 was ported or maybe I'm just doing it wrong?

I got a serial number from them but simply putting it into a text file as
$HOME/.vmware/license doesn't work (neither does the link from the error
box to the vmware licence page; at least not to the page it was intended
to go to.

I've not tried the vmware3 from the vmware site yet as I have a nagging
feeling I read somewhere that it doesn't work on FreeBSD.

Any clues, suggestions or pointers to the correct docs/web pages etc?



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