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Julian Morgan jmorganstarnet at
Tue Sep 10 15:53:08 BST 2002

Hi peoples, any help on the following would be great..

Have used BSD for about 1 year in a small 7 site VPN situation as firewall 
software and network functions (back in Australia)

have been put up to the challenge in the UK - in my latest appointment.
Please advise - this is more strategy, but will be running on BSD...

My client wants to move a massive infrastructure that consists of an on-line 
web trading site..  Now he has a backup server which can take over the site 
while we move the primary server to a new site.

a) My duties will mainly be ordering the new communication lines - which is 
Internet + vpn client access.

b) moving the hardware..


the questions I have are

The location - which is about 50kms away wont effect the IP addressing and 
domain hosting/resolve if we stay under the same isp and carrier that the 
web system is at the moment.....  the webservers are located at someone 
elses premises - but they have been there for a long time - and we have been 
operating for a year or so..  we have our own line in - so I would assume 
that the IP range provided by uunet has only our machines on it - so we can 
keep the those IPS if we relocate to another network..  therefore requiring 
hardly any reconfig right???

about the only thing I would have to change is the people that are dialing 
up into us via isdn and pstn - as their router would have to dial a 
different number to reach our router..

please let me know your thoughts -
any feedback would be massively appriciated


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