Mark Fowler mark at
Sun Sep 8 14:44:02 BST 2002

On Sun, 8 Sep 2002, Punkey wrote:

> When I used to use pine on my Linux box, within X, I could hit V to view
> images, or launch other apps for attachments (e.g. mpg).
> It doesn't do the same on FreeBSD.  Any hints?  I wanna to be able to view
> my p0rn! ;-)

'V' launches the image viewer program, which is defined in the config 
section (hit 'S' for setup in the main menu, 'C' for config, 'W' for where 
and type 'image-viewer'.)  This needs to be set to a working image viewer 
program that's installed on your system.  On my freebsd box at work that's 
set to 'xv'.  On my linux box it's set to '/usr/bin/ee'.  Find an image 
viewer program (or install one from ports - it's not hard) and stick the 
path in here.  Then hit 'E' to exit, and save the settings.


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