GPRS - fairly off topic

Tim Chown tjc at
Sat Sep 7 19:18:19 BST 2002

On Fri, Sep 06, 2002 at 10:12:55AM -0500, Jeff LaCoursiere wrote:
> Depending on your operator you may or may not be able to make direct IP
> connections on strange ports or with protocols other than TCP.

I think this is important - different operators allow different things,
and I believe at least one operator in Germany offers public IP addresses,
but I don't have hard details on that.  For private IP space I think the 
172 chunk is, not, as well as and

While GPRS doesn't allow inbound services (including spam :) the operators
can get away with private IP and NAT.  If they want to open it up, I guess
they'll wait for IPv6, but they're all a bit pressed for pennies to do the
development and deployment work right now :)

I have used GPRS via Familiar Linux and an iPAQ, but the cost is hideous :(
The instructions for that are here:
(I don't believe there is BSD for an iPAQ yet... or is there?)


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