GPRS - fairly off topic

Duncan Barclay dmlb at
Fri Sep 6 10:55:30 BST 2002

From: "Bruce M Simpson" <bms at>
Sent: Friday, September 06, 2002 10:05 AM
> The phone pretends to be a Hayes-like modem, with some hacks to the AT
> command set to support GPRS specific commands. Running the vendor provided
> client software and using a tool such as those available from
> to tap the serial driver traffic will show you this.

These should be standardised as part of the GSM spec. The codes are in the
GSM 07 series, downloadable from, seach for "GSM 07.01" to
"GSM 07.08" and get the ones with the latest date. Alternatively search
for "3GPP TS 07.01" etc.

All of the GSM specs. are available if you really want...

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