Anyone got any experinece with PCI-64 ?

Dimitris Dimitris
Fri Sep 6 11:57:39 BST 2002

On Thu, 05 Sep 2002 10:30:31 +0100, Pete French wrote:

>So obviously I need to acquire another machine to run FreeBSD on from
>somewhere that supports 64 bit PCI - but I can find no reference to
>this anywhere! Is this some 'compaq only" standard or does it
>have another name in the real world ? Can anyone recommend a motherboar=
>to run FreeBSD on which has 64 bit PCI slots on it at all ? All
>suggestions welcome...

FreeBSD works fine on motherboards with 64bit PCI slots.

Mine has two 64bit 66mhz PCI slots, its an Asus A7M266-D Dual Athlon boa=

I'm running an Adaptec 29160 (U160 SCSI) 64bit 33mhz card.

Please note the following details:

1) 64bit slots may run on two 'speeds', 66mhz and 33mhz. If you mix PCI =
which run on each speed, then the BUS and all the cards will run at 33mh=
To run at 66mhz, ALL your 64bit PCI cards must be 66mhz capable.

2) There are two voltages, 5.0V and 3.3V. Some PCI cards support both vo=
and others only support one of them. Make sure that your PCI card has th=
correct voltage, otherwise it won't run.

3) Take a look at this forum, it explains in detail the bandwidth proper=
of 64bit/32bit PCI bus running at 66mhz/33mhz.

4) As a side note, 64bit bus with a 64bit PCI card  is a "good thing to =
have" if you
run 20 or more SCSI RAID 10k rpm drives.

I hope it helps.

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