Lpd and LaserJet III

Sam Pikesley samdavidpikesley at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Sep 5 14:37:47 BST 2002

I seriously recommend looking at CUPS. I've spent a
lot of time fighting with lpd, CUPS Just Works (tm). 

--- Ian Morrison <ian at darq.net> wrote: > hey gang,
> i just picked up a couple of laserjet iii printers,
> and am trying to get
> them to work nicely on my freebsd fileserver. 
> ultimately i want to get
> it all going under samba, but at the moment i'm
> using lpr to test
> printing postscript documents.  
> i've set it up roughly as shown on
> and printing ascii works fine.  printing smaller
> postscript files works
> ok too, but from time to time the printer pops up
> the message "MEM
> OVERFLOW" on its display, which means it's run out
> of memory.  the other
> issue is that it's trying to print out on letter
> paper, rather than a4,
> despite me using the make a4=yes option when
> building the
> ghostscript-afpl-nox11 port..
> so, my questions are as follows:
> 1.  is there a way to get lpd to send data in
> smaller chunks?  or does
> the printer simply not have enough memory to be able
> to print complex
> documents?  i was trying with
> /usr/src/lib/libc/db/docs/hash.usenix.ps
> which i don't think is an unreasonable size to
> print..
> 2.  which version of ghostscript should i be
> running?  would a different
> one help?
> 3.  would something like cups help?
> thanks for any help,
> ian
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