Anyone got any experinece with PCI-64 ?

Pete French pete at
Thu Sep 5 10:47:39 BST 2002

> slots and it worked fine. Did you check for the presence of the gap near
> the front on the edge connector which would indicate whether it's a 3.3V or
> 5V PCI card? If the motherboard has a small piece of plastic which mates

Now that is something I didnt think of. Though I would have thought that
the card wouldnot have seated properly had this been the case. I would
think the motherboard is a 5V one - AP400's are not very modern machines
after all.

> As far as I'm aware, most 64-bit PCI cards are backwards-compatible with
> 32-bit PCI host bridges, someone else on the list feel free to correct me
> if I'm wrong.

That was my impression. Subsequent enquiries to Compaq have elicited
an "it will not work" statement, but no indications as to *why* it
will not work. I have an alternative machine which has a much more
recent motherboard in it (non Compaq) which should support 3.3V PCI
so I can try it in that. Else it looks like I am
shopping for one of these 'PCI-X"things on the weekend.

Thanks for the advice,


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