Anyone got any experinece with PCI-64 ?

Pete French pete at
Thu Sep 5 10:30:31 BST 2002

I'm running a FreeBSD machine (Compaq AP400) with a 3200 RAID
controller in it using the ida driver which works very nicely.
This started out with a SMART 2SL in it and has gradually gone
through a succession of controllers all of which have worked fine.

Now I am trying to drop a 4200 into it - this is apparently
a 64 bit PCI card - which means its got an extra
lump on the back. I'd never seen anything like it, and though
it drops into the slot fine, it wont work.

So obviously I need to acquire another machine to run FreeBSD on from
somewhere that supports 64 bit PCI - but I can find no reference to
this anywhere! Is this some 'compaq only" standard or does it
have another name in the real world ? Can anyone recommend a motherboard
to run FreeBSD on which has 64 bit PCI slots on it at all ? All
suggestions welcome...


-bat. [maybe I should just try and be content with the hardware I own
       rather than always trying to tinker with it!]

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