Solaris/FreeBSD tar file incompatibility?

Sam Pikesley samdavidpikesley at
Tue Oct 29 17:07:11 GMT 2002

Hmm, does it look OK if you untar it on the Sun box? 

--- adyas at wrote: > Hi,
> Does anyone know of any tar incompatibilities
> between Solaris (8) and
> FreeBSD?  We're creating a tar file on a Solaris
> box, (around 200MB) and
> then attempting to un-tar it on a FreeBSD machine. 
> The archive looks
> different on the FreeBSD machine, files that were
> within directories now
> appear in the tar's root directory.
> We don't think the file is corrupt, having
> transfered the file (ftp) a
> number of times with the same results.
> Also, I'm sure I've done this before without any
> problems, I'm thinking
> maybe it's a file name length problem?
> The FreeBSD tar man page mentions -I for Solaris
> compatibility, but I 
> think that means the -I switch was added because
> Solaris has a -I switch.
> Ta(r),
> Alex..
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